Here at Miss Rita’s, we’re not just slingin’ the meanest turbo-charged Tex-Mex grub this side of the Rio Grande — we’re servin’ up the biggest frozen margaritas in Queenstown, throwin’ down the liveliest vibe, and dishing out service that’s legendary.

We like to think that we are a little more on the wilder side, but everything we do is dialled!

Our food? It’s like a fiesta in your mouth, featuring lip-smacking tacos, fajitas that sizzle louder than a Texas sunset, and fried chicken packin’ more flavour than a rodeo showdown.

We’re tippin’ our hats to the lively mix of Texan and Mexican culinary traditions and the recipes passed down. From the smokin’ grills of San Antonio to the bustlin’ streets of El Paso, our menu’s a tale of friendship, trade, and a whole lotta love for great eats.

Just after a watering hole? We’ve got the drinks covered with our famous frozen super’ritas, local taps flowin’ with the best brews, Mexican bottled beer, refeshing twists on classic cocktails and a tequila and mezcal lineup that’ll knock your boots off.

So, whether you’re lookin’ to wet your whistle or feast, Miss Rita’s Cantina has got you covered.